Tuesday, September 11, 2007

washington post
-parte de una nota sobre la presentación en el Kennedy Center-

A Big Top Comes to the Kennedy Center
By Rebecca J. Ritzel
Special to The Washington PostFriday, September 7, 2007;
Page WE20
The Kennedy Center can be an intimidating place. Rising like a palatial fortress on the Potomac, the building can appear less like a testament to the human spirit and more like an icon for high culture.
This weekend, the Kennedy Center aims to be a little less austere and a lot more inviting. At Saturday's 23rd annual Open House Arts Festival from noon to 7..."

"At 4:15, the first of two pop-music acts that could sell out the 9:30 club will instead perform in the Kennedy Center's Concert Hall. The Nortec Collective, a critically acclaimed ensemble of DJs and musicians, will layer Tijuana brass instruments over house-music drumbeats. They'll be followed at 6 by Ben Kweller, a mop-headed indie popster who enjoys cult status on college campuses.
Fans of Kweller and the Nortec Collective know they're lucky to catch free shows like these in Washington..."