Tuesday, August 12, 2008

don loope

foto: Miguelón -bartender del don loope-

Algún dia contaré aquí, varias de las historias bizarras que me sucedieron cuando manejé el Don Loope, un espacio musical que promovió la música electrónica aquí en Tijuana en el 2001.
Después hice una canción con ese nombre y es parte del título de este blog: la vida después de Don Loope-. En fin.

Por lo pronto aquí les dejo esta divertida historia, de alguien que manejaba un espacio como el Don Loope, pero en Nueva York, y se le ocurrió contratar a Ministry -una banda legendaria, que al principio fue tecno-pop, después electro-industrial y terminó siendo hardcore-, para que diera un concierto.
Al Jourgensen, es el lider y vocalista de Ministry

Aquí la anécdota:
I used to own a nightclub, and one night Al Jourgensen was supposed to perform, so I went to the airport to pick him up before the show. So I'm standing there at the gate waiting for the plane to arrive (this was before 9/11) and as I'm standing there waiting, a bunch of cops show up. When the plane rolls up to the ramp, the cops go running down and board the aircraft. I'm thinking to myself, this can't be good, right...So they come off the plane dragging Al Jourgensen, who was screaming that he would kill these fucken cops and whatnot. Turns out, he had insisted on smoking on the plane and when told to put out the cigarette, he told them he'd blow up the plane if they didn't leave him alone and let him smoke. So I begged the cops to let Al come perform, it was two sold out shows. The cops let me take him after I promised to deliver him back to them when the show was done (which I never did of course). Well, Al couldn't perform at the show, was screaming the entire time, throwing full coronas into the audience (his rider stated he was to have a full case of cold Corona beer on stage). He kept screaming MINISTRY IS DEAD over and over. As it turns out, when he saw the cops coming onto the plane for him, he ate a bunch of LSD he had in his pocket, and thus was WAY TOO HIGH to perform the shows.

Para los que no sepan quién es Ministry, y los demás grupos del underground ochentero, de los que formaron parte, aquí les va un poco de historia:

Throughout the late 1980s Jourgensen and Barker expanded their ideas beyond Ministry into a seemingly endless parade of side projects and collaborations. Many of these bore Ministry's signature sound and the duo's Hypo Luxa/Hermes Pan production imprint. (These side-projects were also responsible for the delayed release of Ministry's next album.) Foremost of these was Ministry's alter ego, the Revolting Cocks. RevCo, as it is often referred to, was essentially the same band plus Belgian vocalist Luc Van Acker & Richard 23 of Front 242. Jourgensen and Barker also formed Lard with Dead Kennedys frontman Jello Biafra, Acid Horse with Cabaret Voltaire, 1000 Homo DJs with Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor, PTP with Chris Connelly and Pailhead with Ian MacKaye of Minor Threat and Fugazi.
Barker released his own material as Lead Into Gold and Jourgensen produced and played electric guitar on Skinny Puppy's Rabies LP.
Atkins and Rieflin also formed the band Pigface, which featured Barker on several tracks, as well. The smaller of these projects were later collected on the CD Side Trax (Rykodisc Records, 2004), while the discographies of Lard and RevCo were remastered and reissued.